1. Welcome to the SCV Poker League. We will be giving away another $1,000.00 WSOP seat for 1st place along with MasterCard or Visa Gift Cards. Congrats to the Monday night league and the Thursday night league winners along with the Finals Winner earning the $1,000.00 WSOP seat. All of them have now qualified for the $10,000.00 Main Event Entry Tournament at the end of the season!
  2. Remember we are all here for a good time, please watch the language, and respect the other players and dealers around you. We are all here for a good time, so if it means too much to you, you are at the wrong place.
  3. Everyone starts with 2000 chips and you can Rebuy anytime you have 2000 chips or less, as you will see some at your table may have already rebought. The rounds are 17 minutes each and you can Rebuy until the end of the 5th round. At the end of the 5th round all players can purchase a Rebuy and add-on regardless of your chip stack.
  4. There is a one chip rule, you should state your bet or it will be the amount of the big blind if you do not announce your raise prior to your chips hitting the felt.
  5. Rebuy cards are available to purchase anytime and good for all the league games and finals. If you have any quesetions see Kayla.
  6. Tonight the high hand in the first 5 rounds will receive a free Rebuy and add on at the break.
  7. There is a jackpot hand tonight, Aces full of anything get beat and you win a $100.00 Rebuy card. Both cards in your hand must play. Also if your pocket aces gets cracked you will get one free Rebuy.

Enjoy yourself and if you have any questions, ask your dealers.

Shuffle up and deal...