Thanks for your interest in the SCV Poker League.

We have a Monday League and a Thursday League. Some players will participate in both at a discounted rate to see which night they gain more points in.

The league is very simple. Your entry fee gets you three consecutive nights either Monday or Thursday in which you earn points to the 4th week finals. We typically have about 25-35 players on Mondays and same for Thursdays. Game starts at 6:00pm and will end after the last level approximately 10:00pm. Everyone starts each night with 2000 chips and blind levels are 17 minute rounds. 1st level is 25 / 50. There are rebuys available for the 1st five rounds. Rebuys cost $20.00 and, if you choose to purchase a rebuy card, they are available for as low as $15.00. You may rebuy anytime your chips are at 2000 or below. A rebuy / add on is available after the 5th round / break and then no more rebuys. The first player knocked out will earn 1 point and the last player standing for the night will earn points based on the amount of players (30 players = 30 points). You earn points for the first 3 weeks of play and we will take the top point earners for the Monday and Thursday leagues and combine them into the 4th week finals. 1st place is always a $1,000.00 WSOP Entry, along with final table cash gift cards.

The overall top point earner of the monthly Monday and Thursday league, along with the finals winner, will automatically be entered into our $10,000 Main Event Entry coming up at the end of the season.

There are a few other perks as well:
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or text me at 661.510.8303.